Adapting nature

Lebanese cuisine is famous for its fresh ingrediants, first class meat, tasty vegetables and rich spices but, as a country with rough climate and the soil unfavorable for the strawberries, it presented a challenge for us to begin with. When we started this project, we knew what is ahead, constant fight with the elements and investing a lot of energy into adapting to what we have. 

With the thorough knowledge of modern agriculture systems and a lot of investments in enriching the soil, we adapted to the nature and made it our ally. Now, we are proud to say that the fields are more than generous with yield. We are now one of the biggest strawberry producers in this part of the world, mastering the art of understanding the nature and making it work in our favor is our secret. 

In the past few years, according to our presence on the domestic market, every Lebanese family had our strawberries on the tables and enjoyed the unique and special flavors of our first class products and every other house in our neighbor countries had the opportunity to taste the products of our work.

We are proud to announce that we are growing and spreading. Our next goal is to share the best strawberries with Europe and Asia so everyone can be reached by the miraculous fruits that, despite all odds, grow strong, healthy and naturally great.

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